jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011



Watch this video and learn new things about Ireland and Irish traditions. Then answer the questionaire. Happy St. Patrick's day!!!!


1- Where is Ireland?
2- How far is Ireland from New York?
3-Is West Virginia larger than Ireland?
4- How many provinces has Ireland got?
5-How many counties has Northern Ireland got?
6- What happened during the Great Potato Famine?
7-What does the Irish flag symbolize?
8- Why is Ireland called”The Emerald Isle”?
9- What does the shamrock symbolize?
10-How did St.Patrick explain the Holy Trinity?
11-What's the real national symbol of Ireland?
12- What's the capital of Ireland?
13- How big is the Guinness factory?
14-Who established the Guinness company?
15- How many beers does an Irish drink every year?
16- How many people kiss the Blarney stone every year?
17- Why are the Cliffs of Moher so famous?
18- Where was St. Patrick born?
19- How many people visit Ireland every year?
20- How many people in the world say they have Irish ancestors?